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Q-tips Redux

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I was at the home of some friends who live on the main floor of a condominium. They have a little patio off the living room and above it are a few floors of balconies. They started talking about the things they found on their patio. Some items were expected, like cigarette butts, others not so like tiny screws, but then they said they also found Q-tips. Q-tips? Really?

They did not understand either and laughed, shrugging it off, but I had a hard time moving on from that visual. And it was a visual.

Who throws Q-tips out a window let alone off a balcony? Knowing it will land on a neighbor's patio or some other public place? Why did they do it? and of course, where had those Q-tips been before they were tossed aside? Not a pleasant picture. As disturbing as it was, it was also, if I am honest, funny.

Which brings me to why I write this piece. I love the absurdities of life. Maybe it is this pandemic year – now becoming pandemic years – that makes me want to find humor wherever possible. Or maybe it is the politics that still seems unnecessarily contentious. Or maybe it is way too much social media. Do I really need to know about another influencer? Especially one who is 9 years old and makes more money than I or anyone I know will ever make in our lifetimes?

As I type that I think, maybe Q-tips falling from the upper balconies is not so absurd. Still a funny albeit disturbing visual, but no, not really so crazy in today’s world.

This is "redux" because when I first published this little piece I added the picture from my friend's patio. As appropriate as that was - and it verified the story - I found I could not keep it. Right now I need color and fun rather than authenticity and darkness. I still do wonder if someone can create a dancing Q-tip video, although having done some research it seems that person might have to be 13 years old. And it is Tik Tok, not tic toc. Trying to keep up even though as I type this I know something else is being created. Probably by a nine year old.

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